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Common Questions?

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Common Questions?

Who does Cs3 by TMAC Services Inc. sell to?

Custom Screen, Shades & Shutters is a custom manufacturer, wholesaler and licensed and insured install contractor of a number of screening, shading and enclosure products.  We provide materials, onsite consulting and install services to a broad customer base including; Residential & Commercial Property Managers, Contractors/Builders, Hardware Stores and Supply Houses. 

How Do I know what material or system is best for my application?

With 13 years’ experience in the industry specializing specifically in screening, shading and all forms of porch and patio systems we are uniquely qualified to provide the customer options and advise on product applications that fit their specific situations, budgets, needs and desires. We have extensive experience consulting and quoting from engineered plans, builder drawings or onsite visits at any point in the building/remodeling process. 

Do you install all of the products you manufacture and distribute? 

Yes, we install all of the products we manufacture in house, as well as the products that we distribute. We are licensed, insured and expertly qualified to install and service all of our products. In addition, dealing directly with the manufacturers affords us the ability to reduce lead times, open lines of communications concerning product information and pass associated cost savings on to our customer. 

Do you offer discounts based on quantities ordered?

Yes, we offer discounts starting at quantities of 10 or more of the same dimension and detail.   Our pricing structure also offers scaled pricing based on various customer classes, be they consumer, retail, resale or wholesale pricing situations.

Is there a standard screen size for my windows or doors?

There are “Industry Standards” in regards to the size of screen needed for a specific size of single or double hung window.  So often, we have found window manufacturer’s size tolerances vary within fractions of an inch.  This can cause the “Industry Standard” window screen to not fit properly, causing their various hardware applications to fail.  It is for this reason, we custom manufacture every screen ordered to optimize fit and finish to meet each customer’s specific need. 

How do I measure for window or door screens? 

You may use our online measuring guide to help aid you in identifying methods of measuring different applications.  If you prefer, you may contact us and we would be glad to talk you through the process over the phone.  Because of the nature of web sales we cannot be responsible for the accuracy of measurements provided by a customer. 

What type of mesh options do you offer?

We offer several mesh options for the various levels of visibility and durability demanded by different applications.  Fiberglass and aluminum mesh being most popular for window screen and door screen applications. Vinyl coated or various heavier wire products, for durability and sun control on porches. 


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